From Day to Night: Tips to Change from a Day Look to Night


If you’re one of those people who work the whole day and into the late evening and barely have time to get in a shower and change of clothes before heading out to party, then it’s important for you to know how to work an outfit to fir both a day and night look. Since men mostly just have to remove a tie and suit coat in order to look casual and ready to groove, these tips will be geared more towards the ladies:

Wear Something Adjustable

There are plenty of outfits that will work on both day and night, avoid anything that is too sparkly and loud because those prints and designs don’t match a day- look. However, you should also avoid total monochromatic outfits as they scream work wear in the evenings. Look for tops or bottoms with small designs that will blend into the natural light during day, but will catch the party lights and be illuminated at night. The best thing to do is use accessories to make the outfits appropriate. Find a pair of leather boots online (preferably black) that you can wear to work with a skirt but can also work on the dance floor.

Buying the leather boots online in Australia will allow you to cut the cost and still get good leather, and use the money you save to get some sparkly jewellery (doesn’t have to be expensive) that will go with anything, like dangly silver earrings; cheerful, noisy bangles; or a big statement necklace. Have them ready in your bag and slip them on when you go out.

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Mix it Up with Makeup

Everyone knows that day makeup should be lighter and night makeup should be heavier. Since you can’t pack an entire makeup kit into your work bag, take the following few essentials with you to make the difference. A bright red lipstick or deep red shade that works with your skin tone will make your face pop, and mask the fact that you don’t have any additional makeup on. Pack strong eyeliner (liquid or pencil) that you can use to deepen the lines around your eyes, or redraw them after washing your face. You can even use eyeliner smeared on your finger tip to darken your eyebrows a bit.

If you have any more space in your bag, take a highlighter. Use it to emphasize your cheekbones, forehead and collarbones. The moody lighting in most night hangouts won’t pick up on the lack of foundation or concealer, but it will hit the highlighter just right, making your face look like a work of art.