Like many working women if you decided to work till last time, then it will be an important concern for you, how to dress at work place.

• Outfit for first trimester

In the first trimester, no major changes are observed in the body. Thus, you can continue with your present dresses. Elders and doctors recommend not going for apparels that are too skinny. You can continue dressing up yourself in leggings, maxi dress, tunic tops. The Even jeans and skirt can be worn with the top button open (It can be smartly covered with open shirt or tunic tops that ends at the back).

• Outfit for second trimester

This is the time when people may start judging you for your pregnancy. By this time you will gain some weight and your old cloth won’t fit you at its best. Going for maternity wear shopping at this point of time is not a good idea. It will be too big for you. What you can do to hide your little tummy that is ready to flaunt it in sometime is take oversized cloth. Long skirts with elastic belt, tunic and tops that end at the back can work for you. It will hide the portion that you don’t want to reveal and at the same time keep your shape streamlined.

• Outfit for third trimester

This is the time when your body will reveal what is going inside it. Thus, if you have not shared your pregnancy news to your colleagues then do it. It can’t be kept secret anymore. It is the time when you should not only shop for yourself, but for your baby too. Various types of fashionable maternity clothes are available these days for women. You can shop it online or can go to market to buy. Look at here now if you are looking for fashionable maternity clothes.

In addition to buying clothes for yourself and your coming baby, don’t forget to buy nursing clothes too. If you are able to catch up with nursing tops sale don’t miss the chance to grab it. You will need it immediately after delivery and that time you will not be in a position to go out.

Fashion experts say, for the third trimester, keep five dress pieces in your wardrobe pants, skirt, dress, jacket and tunic top. These outfits can be worn various different combinations. Going for more than these cloths is not a wise step as it will not be of any use after delivery or once you lose your pregnancy weight.

For winter unshaped sweaters, cardigans, loose fitted jackets work well and give you an elegant look.