Every year that time will come to pull your boots back up and be ready to roll. Fall is the season you change from shorts, sundresses and flip flops to jackets, scarves and boots. These have become a sensation among ladies nowadays. They are given immense attention in your daily life style not only to protect your feet from the cold rains, but also to make your mark by bringing out your sense of creativity and fashion. So here is a guide to all the boot types you ever need to know about.Rain boots are the ideal footwear in the fall. With the rain starting to pour, you need to keep your feet away from all that mess. So get out there and buy yourself a good pair of rain boots. Fall boots are made especially for autumn. These can be in various heights and sizes. Choose the best fit for you. When winter approaches, we all need to take good care of our feet. Winter boots will keep your feet warm and cozy throughout the day. Ugg boots are ideal too. It will make you feel very comfortable as it is made out of sheep skin. A new trend coming up is custom made ugg boots where you can get your very own unique pair, get more info.Ankle boots are the next option. They are very stylish if you wear them right. They go perfectly with flared dresses or skirts or even jeans. Knee high and thigh boots give a very strong impression. Use them carefully. You do not want to keep an over the top fashion statement.Boots can be categorized according to their heels. Flats are worn for more casual occasions as they are comfortable. Chunky heels are very popular these days since they too give less pressure to your feet making you feel relaxed. You can even find wedge heeled type. However, nothing will make you look good like a pair of high heeled booties. Booties are a hybrid of a stiletto and those which give that high chic look that you always wanted. These are best at dinners and parties. Pair them up with a beautiful evening dress and you are good to go. Designer boots are in demand when it comes to your signature style. Like custom Ugg boots, these can be custom made with your own design and even your name on it. To know more about black sheepskin ugg boots, contact burlee Australia. These are the main types that you need to know about. Each type has a uniqueness that should be matched with the perfect outfit to get the best out of your boots this fall season. These are such shoes that could look casual at times but also look to the best when you need them to. So take good care of them and you can keep using them for years to come.