Pulling off an outfit for any social gathering is difficult, yet important. There needs to be thought and effort put in, in order to leave a statement on others. Deciding what to wear for an evening tea party or gathering is quite difficult than determining on what to wear for a dinner. Should you just be casual, formal or fancy? If you have these questions in mind, here are some tips as to what you can wear for these types of events.

A Mad Tea Party

For most of us, when someone utters the words ‘tea party’ we think of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Don’t we all love to attend a mad event of that sort? If you were invited for one, what would you wear? A dress like Alice or a casual pair of jeans and sneakers? Imagine how odd it would be if you do wear the jeans and sneakers while everyone else is dressed very elegantly? There is a famous saying which says that you will never be overdressed. It’s better to dress elegant even if you are invited for a mad tea party.

Hats and accessories

You can couple up your outfit with jewelry and top it all off with a hat. A hat will be a great addition if the venue is outdoors. With all the trends going on status anxiety handbags stands out as one of the most famous and chic. It is a perfect fit for your evening gathering. Other accessories such as bangles, necklaces and bracelets could make you look elegant as well. Keep in mind not to overdo it as this is not a night event. The best is to keep in simple and elegant.

Stick to the theme

It is always important that you stick to the theme of the event. If you don’t it will make you look odd. You will have the attention of the whole gathering but you really need to speak to yourself and see whether you need to leave a negative statement or a positive statement. If the theme is bohemian based and you have absolutely no idea how to dress yourself up, look out for Bohemian clothing Australia or at least some inspiration about how you should dress up. This applies for any theme. If you don’t know, you google and you educate yourself. Looking elegant and sticking to the theme would help you make a good impression about yourself at your gathering. If you do your homework and research a little, it is not difficult as you think to pull off a good outfit.